Auction Wrap Up – 13 The Promontory, Noosa Waters


Saturday saw an influx of interested onlookers, buyers and neighbours converge on 13 The Promontory, Noosa Waters.

With over 60 people in attendance, bidding started at $2.2 million dollars.

As events unfolded and listing agent Rob Anderson intervened, bidding increased to $2.5 million.

With three registered bidders on the day, negotiations are continuing post auction.

We have to give the lads from Sydney a special mention, arriving moments too late in matching Fedora hats, racing inside to grab a quick word with the agents. When it comes to Auctions, anything can and usually does happen! Watch this space for our wrap up video, particularly if you are interested in knowing more about the auction proess or the level of service Robert James Realty are delivering.