Cardboard Castle Rental Property Finds Applicants

In a humorous report documented by real estate business, a rental listing for a castle made of cardboard has attracted 700 views along with some qualified enquiries. Darragh Cullen posted his 'castle room' on gumtree as a joke and was overwhelmed when he received over 700 views of the page on gumtree ( along with some enquiries ). The copy in the ad read ' “Great protection from invading hordes, siege pack and supplies optional, keep the dark knight at bay, adjoining pool/moat. Very secure parking with new modern draw bridge, five mins from the city.”

Whilst we aren't sure about how cyclone proof a cardboard castle may be, there may be a market for Darren in the burgeoning  'pop up' arena.

All jokes aside, this tale does highlight the risks involved with utilizing some websites to advertise products, including property  rentals, that may or may not exist. Those risks apply to both the selling party as well as the 'buyers'. By using a licensed real estate agent parties have the assurance of Qld state legislation as protection - we can't see our property managers here at Robert James Realty renting cardboard castles anytime soon!