Gen-Ys Expected to Boost Real Estate in Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast is in the midst of phenomenal developmental activities. There is growth all around in infrastructure, spending, industrial sector, and many others. This will lead to more employment. Sunshine Coast promises a better lifestyle compared to most other places. All these coupled with the picturesque location of this area is attracting Gen Ys here.

In 2018 real estate seems to be booming in Sunshine Coast. It is this year that saw trophy home being sold at a whopping $22 million!

Gen Y is moving to this region in the hope of better jobs and a dream lifestyle. With property prices peaking in this region, it is the best time to sell a property and make a profit.

In the property market in Sunshine Coast, the demand for homes is high and so it is a seller’s market.

If you have decided on selling your property, the best way to do it is by engaging the services of a professional real estate agent.

Let me tell you about the best real estate agents in the Sunshine Coast-Robert James Realty!

Although there is a trend of For Sale by Owner when it comes to property selling, it may not always provide you the best results.

The agents at Robert James Realty provide you dedicated services for selling your property. This ensures quick sales.

Let us see why selling a property with us provides you an edge over other methods of selling:

  • Accurate estimation of the price of the property
  • Our experienced team appraises your property. We set the price for it based on the market trends. On the other hand, if you estimate the price of your property on your own, it may not be very accurate. You might need to engage the services of an expert and pay for the services.

  • Aggressive Marketing
  • Our team markets your property aggressively so as to find buyers in quick time. We put up ‘For Sale’ boards in your yards, we take HD pictures and Virtual Tours of your property and advertise it attractively online.

  • Enhancing the value
  • We are experts in the field so we know how you can get the best price for your property. We suggest modifications; stage your home, etc so as to enhance its value. This helps you get buyers quickly for your property. We also participate in open houses to enhance the reach of the property.

  • Negotiation
  • If you are new to selling a property, negotiating with the buyer can be a difficult task. Our agents will do it so that you are able to sell the property at the best price.

  • Documentation
  • Documentation for selling a property is extensive. Besides you have to be aware of all the rules and regulations regarding property transactions. If you are on your own this can be quite a complicated task. But engaging our real estate agents helps streamline it. We take the entire responsibility and complete the entire documentation for you.

    With so many wonderful services offered by Robert James Realty, why not sell your property with us!