Property management Peregian Springs

Robert James Realty provides a wide array of property management services to investors. The needs of each real estate investment may be different and so is the service offered by us.

Here is an overview of the main services offered by our Peregian Springs Property Management team:

Tenancy services

The process begins with performing a detailed evaluation of the property in order to know the optimal rental price. Our property management team offers recommendations for both the interior and exterior of the property that can help to improve the current rental prices.

Our Peregian Springs Property Management team has a lot to offer in the process of gaining new tenants. This includes preparing the property for rent, advertising it both online and offline, meeting potential tenants, and providing a rental application. One of the crucial tasks involved is screening potential tenants. For this task, our team performs the necessary background checks on the potential tenants and then gives you all the information so that you can make an informed final decision on who you prefer to rent your property.

Finding the right tenant is just one part of the property management service, the crucial and longer phase involves managing the tenancy. One of our major responsibilities is collecting the rent on time that saves the landlord in chasing the tenants for rent. Our service ensures that the rent payments are made by the tenants in accordance with the agreement.

Management and maintenance services

Our property management team will coordinate with the landlord to make sure that the property receives the required maintenance and repairs. In addition, our team ensures periodic inspections of the property to find repair needs, safety hazards, lease violations, and any other change that is not in the agreement.

Legal and documentation

The team at Robert James Realty is able to handle the unpleasant situations according to the law. In the case of the tenant not paying the rent or has been causing a disturbance, our team holds the complete responsibility of getting the tenant in line or going through the process of having the tenant removed from the property.

We are well aware of the processes and will represent the landlord in court, and deal with law enforcement to remove the tenant if necessary form the rental property.

Experience matters a lot in property management. Our committed Peregian Springs Property Management team not only has years of experience in the industry but also varied experience in managing different types of properties.

Without the proper knowledge and experience, the property investor may face many issues while leasing out a property or unit. However, with our Peregian Springs Property Management service, all your related problems will be solved.

We will help build a mutually beneficial relationship between the property manager and the property owner.
Our property management services will make sure that the investment made by you gets its true value.
With both online and offline ways, we will take care of advertising your property well so that it never stays empty for long.
We ensure to provide peace of mind by handling all legalities and procedural matters when leasing out the property.
Even if you are living near to your property, we will keep an eye on your property to the upkeep of all facilities in the property.
We will also help you with the best suggestion to increase the market value of the property.
We will get the rent in time from the tenants and remit it to the landlord instantly.
Save both your time and energy by ensuring our services work for you in the best way possible.

Robert James Realty is a one-stop solution for landlords and investors, who are looking for property management services. Our services will take out all the hassles involved in owning and maintaining the property.

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