How to Buy or Sell House in Noosa While Social Distancing?


How this global pandemic has affected the real estate industry?

Should the sellers expect less and change their expectations, in terms of price?

Will I be able to sell my house in Noosa while social distancing?

Will the potential buyers feel comfortable in terms of making a major economic purchase?

These are some of the questions that get asked a lot. Well, due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the majority of us have engaged in social distancing to help minimize the spread. As these efforts have been implemented, Robert James Realty has brought about a lot of rapid continual changes in the process of selling or buying houses in Noosa. To meet the needs of our clients, we have been simply shifted to a more virtual home buying and selling experience with the help of video tours.

Unfortunately, it has become a bit uneasy and difficult about how to do real estate transactions in social distancing, but there are some ways by which you will be able to make the process possible:

Make the best use of social media

Not merely because of the pandemic, but the real estate world has changed dramatically ever since the web became a worldwide lifestyle. Earlier, people used to travel from state to state to meet potential clients. Now, social media is providing the best benefits as the traditional strategies used to give but in an easier and convenient way. Through posting attractive pictures and videos of properties with Robert James Realty Noosa real estate agents can be the most effective way to replace in-person showings and conferences.

Price it right

One of the primary concerns is pricing the property accurately. Pricing less than the deserving will leave you wondering how much you have lost out on. Instead, pricing it too high may make your property unsold for months or years. Considering the situation, it is worth employing the Robert James Realty agents who can help you set the right amount of your property.

Make it cleaner than ever

One of the most important tasks that you will need to perform when selling your own house is to ensure it is cleaner than it has ever been. There cannot be anything worse to a potential buyer other than visiting a dirty home. In fact, no one would like to buy someone else’s dirty property. This is why it is crucial to pay some attention to the cleanliness specifically to the bathroom, toilet and kitchen as these are the places where the home sale can be lost!

Get a virtual tour

Virtual tours are gaining huge popularity in the real estate industry, especially in the pandemic. Essentially, real estate virtual tours involve showcasing the properties that agents have in their portfolio, online, instead of personal visits.

With our virtual tours, both buyers and sellers stand to benefit in terms of getting a close look at what they want, from the comfort of their home. This will not only give you safety but also will, in turn, save you a lot of time and effort as you need not even bother to visit these properties.

The best part is that virtual tours are available for inspection 24/7 to potential buyers anywhere around the globe. This is a huge advantage which no other means of inspection can match.

Virtual tours are a win-win situation that reduces hassles for both the buyers and sellers.

In today’s tough real estate market Robert James Realty promises to help both the buyers and sellers in the best way possible. Buyers and sellers can still meet up but in a bit different way than it used to be.

If you have any real estate needs, please reach us today!