“I want to sell my house in Tewantin” - What’s next?

At Robert James Realty we have been specialising in selling houses and property in Tewantin for years. It can be very daunting when our clients realise- ‘it is time to sell my house Tewantin’.

One of our clients said to us recently:

“Dealing with property on your own can be a daunting process. I realised this a few years back when I wanted to sell my home in Tewantin. I considered selling my home on my own and also considered selling my home with a real estate agent. I knew that hiring a real estate agent could be an expensive option and I wanted to save as much money as possible, however when I met Robert James Realty, the options were so flexible and I was able to sell my property in Tewantin stress free and find a great buyer.”

We work with our clients step-by-step through the process of selling their Tewantin home. We have a few tips for every new client that we want to share.

Research the market

We always recommend to clients that they do their own research and educate themselves about the local property market. We will always give you the best advice, but it will give you peace of mind to know that you can make informed decisions based on your own knowledge. You can easily search comparable sales in the area online and research the property market.

Value your property before selling

Market trends in your area will have the biggest impact on your final sale price, however you must determine a suitable listing price. People will pay what they think the property is worth and valuations can vary widely between real estate agents. We recommend seeking a valuation from a trusted local real estate agent who can show comparable sales data in the area.

Thinking of selling? Get a free property valuation from Robert James Realty

Spruce up your home before you sell

Ultimately property sales can come down to an emotional decision. Take action to present your property in the best light to appeal to the most buyers. A crisp clean home makes a great first impression, and more importantly a house that presents as dirty and unkempt can turn off buyers. Thoroughly clean your home, open a lot of windows to let fresh air into the home leading up to any inspections, and declutter.

Create a stand out listing for online real estate websites

With the majority of property sales now starting with an online listing on or Domain, it is important that you create a great marketing package for your property. A sophisticated marketing campaign includes high resolution photography of the property, floor plans, virtual tours and professional copywriting.

Find a great real estate agent

If you have made a decision to work with a real estate agent, it is our recommendation to choose a real estate agent with a good understanding of the local area. A deep understanding of the local area means that the agent can not just sell your property, but the Sunshine Coast lifestyle that comes with it. Your real estate agent is your partner through the process of selling your home. Choose a real estate agent with open communication, someone who understands your timelines, your motivation for selling and who will proactively find buyers for you who are looking in the local area.

A great real estate agent has testimonials and references from their previous clients.

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