More Interesting Statistics

RP DATA POLL: 8 out of 10 people think now is a good time to buy. One in two households think real estate prices will rise in the next 12 months. Two out of five believe they will remain stable. 9% think they will fall.

Reminder: Interest Rates are at their lowest levels in 53 years.

Agents in Noosa are reporting a lift of numbers of buyers in the market. The market has shifted from 12 months ago - when it experienced a bottoming out. The overall sentiment is that the market has recognized this - as more buyers emerge, more homeowners sell and rebuy, so the whole process is freed up.

Regardless of a high market or a low market, sell for less, buy for less, sell for more, buy for more, one fact is historically proven. By the time the 'move' is embraced by the masses, it's often too late for many. Robert James Realty encourages buyers to register their interest in the property they are seeking short or long term as the 'matches' are being regularly made prior to properties actually hitting the market.