New Wave of Noosa Tourism to Drive Property Market

New Wave of Tourism to Drive Noosa Property Market


There’s little doubt that in recent years the Noosa Property Market has been through the lower range of the ‘clock’. Properties spent more time on the market and median prices tended to flat line. But looking into 2013 and the future, the agents at Robert James Realty are confidently predicting a shift.

That shift is intrinsically linked to tourism. Sunshine Coast Tourism has weathered everything nature could throw at it in recent memory – both here and abroad. Floods, fires, typhoons, tsunami events and earthquakes all played a part in influencing the local economy.

Despite this, in 2011 and 2012 tourism numbers to Australia increased by 5 %. Visitors to the Sunshine Coast during that period spent in excess of $190 million.

Amongst our near neighbours, there is a burgeoning asian middle class, enjoying unprecedented wealth, who have identified Australia as their top destination of choice.

The emergence of Asia’s middle Class has seen Tourism Australia predict 2.5 billion tourists to visit our shores over the next 20 years. They expect expenditure and investment from this demographic to more than double.

It’s little wonder the likes of Clive Palmer and James Packer are looking to cater to that market, with luxury casinos and gauche theme parks. The challenge will continue to be keeping the inherent beauty of the region intact whilst encouraging and catering to culturally diverse tastes.

The ultimate outlook for local jobs, economy and property into the future can only benefit as a result.