Penny Neep – Doonan Real Estate Agents Market Report


Doonan Real Estate Agents Market Report by Penny Neep.

Doonan Real estate agents Penny Neep has produced a market report for Doonan Real estate and Tinbeerwah real estate.

Below is an excerpt from the introductory page, click the link to download the entire brochure with the statistics for the Doonan and Tinbeerwah suburbs.

Over the last ten years real estate has changed hugely. This has been brought about predominantly by use of the internet. Whereas buyers before would find an agent and window shop, now the internet is the window. And it is the window to the world.

Potential buyers’ friends and relatives invite themselves into the search, overseas buyers, interstate ones. It is an incredible way to shop.  No longer are buyers offered a one page brochure from an estate agent, but can, on phone or tablet, download and share, floorplans, interactive floorplans, virtual tours, video and so many pictures. They can ‘streetview’ and map the property, check out the neighbouring homes, all before they’ve even talked to the sales agent.

Because of the instant access to information it is so important that we, the sales agents, respond to enquiries promptly, which is what the buyers expect. They don’t have to think about calling us, it’s a click, and our email address comes up and they can call us with a press of just one button. I have emails on my ipad and iphone and store information remotely so either I or admin can access it and get it straight off to a buyer.  It is the way of the future.  This is why we are, as a company, investing so many resources into online marketing. It will never completely replace the human element but combine the two and …well, that’s what makes a great sales agent. Communication, knowledge and technology.