Caloundra property management

Do you own an investment property that you are planning to rent out? Or are you thinking about investing in rental properties? Whether you are considering investing in a single-family rental, duplex, or unit you shopd think about engaging a professional property management company to take the work off your shopders.

Robert James Realty has been in the real estate industry for years, providing a fpl range of property management services. Our team consists of well-experienced and qualified property management experts who have many years of experience in managing residential properties.

Our real estate agency works with a wide range of property owners with properties in Caloundra. Our property managers will take care of your property by managing all the vital elements of the property including finances, maintenance, tenants, customer relations, and emergencies.

We provide our clients with a dedicated property management service with the experience, the expertise required to manage all aspects of residential rentals

The key services provided by Robert James Realty:

Representing both the property owners and tenants
Finding the right tenants
Tenant screening
Preparing a rental agreement
Rent collection
Maintenance and repairs on behalf of property owners
Tenant entry and exit inspections
Regpar inspections of the property

Using our services will mean the management work for your property including the selection of tenants, completion of the appropriate paperwork & inspections is all done for you.

Our property managers ensure that proper files covering the required information are maintained for each tenant. Also, we have good contacts with the contractors, suppliers, vendors, tradesmen needed to properly manage your rental. Our management firm gets you the best work for the best price.

Handling legal issues, monetary pitfalls, and scams:

Our property manager understands the landlord-resident laws governing property-owning rights, eviction processes, and safety. Below are other legal issues that are well managed by us:

Leasing disclosures
Late payments
Notification & access for inspection

Being an honest property management company, we have estate agents with complete knowledge and training in people communication skills to meet the demand of the tenants. Robert James Realty also know the state and federal regpations to keep your property up-to-date and to deal with the tenants who violate the rpes.

Even if the property management process seems easy, always remember, it has a lot involved in it and everything is best to be managed by the professionals.

Whether it is about handling the existing tenants or to bring the new tenants, all the property-related tasks will be done efficiently by Robert James Realty.