Become a Stress-free Landlord with Property Management Services


Looking for reliable property managers for your property in Sunshine Coast? Robert James Realty is the leading real estate firm in the region. Our agents provide comprehensive property management services to take care of your property.

What exactly are property management services?

Property management services entail processes, systems, and manpower for maintaining an acquired property. These services take care of the day-to-day operations of a rental property. These functions are performed by property managers.

When you engage the services of Robert James Realty, we assign a dedicated property manager to you. He takes the entire responsibility of taking care of your property off your shoulders.

Who is a property manager?

A property manager is one who takes care of all aspects of your property management. Property managers at Robert James Realty are well-experienced and proficient in their field. Our property managers are licensed and are knowledgeable about the tenancy laws.

These are the services provided by our property managers: Tenant Services: One of the chief responsibilities of a property manager is managing tenants. Our tenant services include: 1. Finding a Tenant:

It is the responsibility of the property manager to find a tenant for your vacant property. They market the property. They even suggest alterations to enhance the appearance of the property to attract tenants and get a good rental. They even carry out the necessary background checks to ensure that the right tenant is selected.

  • Managing the lease:

They determine the terms of the lease including the security deposit.

  • Managing move-outs and evictions:

When a tenant moves out of your property, our executive will check it to determine the extent of damage and what proportion of the security deposit needs to be returned. After the move-out, they get the property repaired and cleaned.

In case a tenant breaches the terms of the lease in any way or does not pay the rents timely, our property managers take the necessary action to evict them.

  • Emergency maintenance:

Our team is fully equipped to take care of any emergency situations your tenant might face.

2. Rent Services:

Our property managers are responsible for:

  • Deciding the rent:

We set the rent for your property so as to attract tenants.

  • Collection of rent:

Our property managers are responsible for collecting the rent on time for your property. We take care that if the rent is not paid on time we impose late fees on the time.

3. Maintenance

Our property managers are responsible for the upkeep of your property. We ensure that any kind of defects such as plumbing, electric, civil works, or any other is set right. This not only maintains your property but also keeps your tenant happy. A well-maintained property also attracts new tenants easily when vacated.

The above mentioned are the main responsibilities of our property managers. In addition to these, they also take care of the documentation, legal aspects, help you with property taxes, and many more.

For your property in Sunshine Coast trust the property management specialists-Robert James Realty and enjoy stress-free property management!