Reserve Bank Cuts Interest Rates to All Time Lows

Market analysts were fairly divided over whether the reserve bank would reduce the interest rates today at their monthly meeting, which falls on the first Tuesday of every month. Today the reserve bank moved to cut the interest rate to 2.75 percent, by 25 basis points. It's great news for Noosa property owners as well as property buyers - with superb Noosa property now even more affordable than ever before.

The rate has been stable since December and the economy is well placed for further adjustments according to requirements. 2.75 percent is now a historically unprecedented marker providing great opportunities in the real estate arena. Factors determining the decision may be based on unemployment statistics and rates of growth.

Noosa real estate will continue to perform with Robert James Realty reporting confidence and determination amongst buyers. Contact the Robert James Realty team if you feel it is an opportune time to consider selling your property.