Robert James Realty Girls Glow For a Cause


The Fusion Sunshine Coast fun run is a little different to your average 3.5km distance event. The run is held at night, and all participants dress up in glow attire for a good cause.

The Robert James Realty girls from sales, support and property management divisions entered the event as a team to raise money for youth programs on the Sunshine Coast. The RJR team rallied together, collecting sponsorship to 'help create light in the darkness of the lives of youths in our area'. The event itself had a fantastic turnout and was well supported, so the RJR girls were delighted when it was announced they were top fundraisers for the night - having collected $921.

The 3.5 km run is designed to replicate the concept of creating light - the teams run in the dark, and for each lap they finish they are given a glow stick and light ring, illuminating the track, getting brighter as more laps are finished.

Fusion Sunshine Coast is a branch of fusion Australia, a national and international Christian youth and community organisation. Fusion Sunshine Coast works to connect with youth across the coast and ultimately help those in need to find hope and a purpose. Within this they run programs through schools, events and mentoring.

The RJR team want to thank everyone who made a donation as well as to express how much they gained personally from the experience. As Jodie Anderson said, " It was great to get out and do something for the community on the Sunshine Coast, we have helped set a benchmark, and we are inspired to get involved with more future community events and fundraisers."

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If you want to get involved with fundraising or volunteering for fusion, visit