Why List With Robert James Realty?

It's a common mistake of property owners to assume all real estate agents offer the same service - selling a home, right? In real terms, it couldn't be further from the truth. There are crucial differences from the level of expertise different agents provide to the tools, marketing and resources they are supported by. Those differences can have a huge impact on the final selling price, so if you are selling property, consider what it is you are actually getting from your agent and agency.

1. Marketing - Experience the Difference

Real Estate Websites

- Homesales.com.au is the third largest property website in Australia. By investing extensively in google marketing, they appear at top three of page for most keyword searches relating to real estate nationwide.

- Robert James Realty sales and rental properties ALL have priority positioning on this website - when buyers search 'property in noosa' etc etc and visit this site, the RJR properties dominate the front pages, remaining most visible to buyers

- Homesales.com.au has affiliate links with international websites in over 19 countries. This means that Robert James Realty properties are visible to a global audience of over 44 million potential buyers.

- Robert James Realty clients also receive highly competitive priority placement on realestate.com.au and domain.com.au - with audiences of over 2 million buyers monthly apiece.

Social Media Marketing

Robert James Realty actively markets and sources quality enquiry through social media channels and is investing in the services of a content management specialist to micromanage numerous social media sites and multiple 'strategies' on a daily basis. This is completely exclusive and unique to clients of Robert James Realty.

- Integrated Facebook App: RJR clients have their properties automatically showcased in Facebook where they can be shared with a huge audience easily.

- Facebook has a global reach of over 1.1 BILLION people

- Twitter has a global audience of over 500 million

- Youtube has a reach of over 1 BILLION people

- PINTEREST is the fastest growing social media site in the world with over 70 million users. RJR clients properties are showcased in a visually engaging way which often sees them shared virally around the world


The Noosa Real Estate Lifestyle magazine offers superior presentation with a quality high gloss magazine format. It tends to linger in cafe's and doctors surgeries for many weeks after publication, giving advertisers more ' value for money'. It is the property magazine of choice for visitors to the Noosa area who often take copies home from their holidays to share with family and friends. See our 'in the press' section on this website for examples of the quality and presentation.


Robert James Realty has very quickly attracted some of the highest profile and proven agents in the area. They are endorsing the level of support in place from highly experienced property management, administrative and marketing teams which flows through to results for vendors. This allows the agents more time to talk to buyers and follow up on potential leads.


There is no doubt that the architecturally designed contemporary office at Mary Street makes a statement about the quality and style Robert James Realty provides. The agency is dedicated to investing in providing excellent services at every level and that includes the environment in which property transactions are conducted in. The Tewantin office boasts a coveted high profile location right next door to the supermarket.


'Points of difference' are very integral to the ultimate success of any business. Robert James Realty have enjoyed unprecedented success in a very short timeframe by combining some key points of difference into the ultimate vision for the business. Those points are difference are best described by the range of services the agency offers their clients that they cannot receive anywhere else. From a social media specialist to in house Facebook apps, from a superb working environment to priority positioning on MORE web channels with larger audiences.

Robert James Realty invites you to experience the difference. 

The promise for clients is to continue to deliver a range of proven and innovative strategies to better serve the needs of valued clients - watch this space!