Property manager Caloundra

Are you thinking of renting your property in Caloundra? If yes, then you will probably require professional and experienced real estate agents.

At Robert James Realty, we have a Caloundra property manager to offer the best property management services, it does not matter what number of properties you own, our services ensure the best outcomes with tenants for your rented property.

Our property management services are of great value. We will effectively manage all the concerns that come with day to day maintenance and anything else that takes place.

Finding tenants quickly

You wopd be losing an adequate amount without a tenant in your property. You may lose more if your property stays without tenant for a longer time. However, our property management services specialize in finding the tenants in a shorter span of time. Also, our experts will help you decide the right rental amount and prepare the rental agreement for your property.

With the deep understanding of the local rental market, our property managers are well-equipped to strategically advertise your property when available properties need to be rented out.

Optimized rent collection

Our quality service provides a rental collection service to our clients. We have tried-and –true systems for collecting the rent and maintaining on-time payments. In case the rents are not paid on time by the tenants, we also take necessary action against them.

Maintain tenancy relations

Handling tenants and other crucial aspects is also part of our job. While some tenants may move once their tenancy agreement ends, some will prefer to continue living in the property which might be due to their good experience with the property manager.

Being a representative of the landlord, our Caloundra property managers ensure a relationship of mutual respect with a tenant. We have good references and will treat the tenants in the same manner as we treat the landlord.

Furthermore, we will deal efficiently with upkeep, addressing tenant complaints and to maintain solid financial records. In the event of a property emergency, we have a long list of professional contacts to seek assistance.


Being a landlord, you shopd know every aspect of your property. This is why our property manager makes frequent inspections to keep the owner updated about their properties. Periodic inspections can verify that the tenants and the landlords are abiding by the terms of the lease. Also, this kind of inspection makes sure that no legal activity is taking place at your property.

Without an inspection by us, minor issues or repairs can become major ones over time. Inspections help us find out the needed maintenance and repairs and eventually will preserve the value of your property.

Why shopd you choose Robert James Realty?

Our Caloundra property managers are aware of the market conditions and thus are well-equipped to get a good rent for your property.

With many years of experience in the real estate industry, we will market your property effectively using the latest tools and technologies.

From finding the right tenants to collecting the rent on time, our Caloundra property managers will take care of every aspect related to property management.

Our property management services will give you peace of mind.

We will do our best to eliminate all the stress related with managing your rental property.

We offer complete transparency in our management services.

We will allow you to enjoy all the financial benefits of owning a rental property without worrying about the day to day property management aspects.

From screening potential tenants to helping settle any issue that may arise during the lease period, Robert James Realty is the right choice for property management services.

With Robert James Realty, you can be sure that your property is well-managed, your tenants are satisfied and you get the most from your rental property managers.