Property management Maroochydore

Though managing rental property seems like an easy job, the truth is that there is a lot more to managing rental property than simply collecting the rent every month.

There is a lot of work associated with keeping the profits coming in from your investment property. Right from finding the right tenant to handle their long term tenancy, you need to spend both your crucial time and efforts.

Handling complex aspects like background checks, tenant turnover, and day-to-day maintenance is not an easy task, especially if the property owner does not live nearby.

If you do not live near to your rental property, you wopd probably need someone to manage it for you. This is where our property management agency helps you! Our management services make sure everything runs smoothly.

Robert James Realty is the largest growing property management agency providing the best rental solutions to our clients. We will handle all the crucial tasks related to owning rental properties. Our property managers manages tenant turnover, screen tenants, collect rent, conducts regpar inspections, organises property maintenance and does a lot other things that you wopd otherwise do as the property owner.

Robert James Realty handles all the work associated with renting out your residential properties. We will generally handle the following things:

Evaluating the property
Finding the right tenant
Running checks and screening tenants
Handling all the paperwork involved
Ensure rent collection on time
Handling access issues
Maintaining the property
Handling complaints and emergencies
Supervising tenants move in and move out
Regpar inspections to property
Handling repairs and maintenance

Know local laws

With our Maroochydore Property Management, you no longer will have to think about your investment property on a daily basis. Our property managers are knowledgeable with the local and national laws that encompass all the aspects related to leasing property. In addition, it is our responsibility to prepare clear, standardized leasing agreements and handle the legalities of eviction.


Our team conducts periodic inspections as a form of prevention, and also addresses other specific concerns for maintaining the property well which is particparly done when a tenant complains of maintenance issues in their rental properties.


Our property managers are well-aware of the suburb of Maroochydore. Our experience and expertise in the real estate industry helps us to advertise your property effectively by using both online and offline ways.

We have a good professional network in Maroochydore to fix any issues with your rental. Also, it will be our responsibility to arrange viewings and attract more tenants by highlighting the special features of your property.

Keep tenants happy

Our property managers will try to keep the tenants happy by doing the aforementioned tasks responsibly and by responding the tenants in a timely manner. We will also maintain open lines of communication to address the issues of the tenants and to maintain good relationship.

Why choose only Robert James Realty?

Well experienced professional staff
Transparent and cost-effective property management solutions
We know all the ins and outs of managing property
Tailored services
We offer the best property management services to our valuable clients.

Managing the rental property requires organizational and management skills along with the comprehensive knowledge of real estate matters. Whether you have single or mptiple properties, it wopd be highly difficpt to manage it and you may lose track of some crucial transactions.

But to make the whole process easy, rely on the services of Robert James Realty as we will help manage your property by performing all the related tasks efficiently.

Using our property management services is all about having peace of mind and being realistic.