Home Turn-Offs to Avoid When Selling in Noosaville

When you put up your home for sale, you need to make a lot of effort to make sure the place is market-ready and attractive. What you do and don’t do to make sure that your home is ready for the market determines whether the buyers will come flocking or go fleeing. The location and price of the property are important factors but the proper staging of the house to make it look appealing is crucial. Your house may have some icky issues that need to be taken care of.Real estate agents in Noosaville can help you avoid all of these turn-offs. There are a number of home improvement tips available on the internet that you can follow to prevent major goof-ups. If you don’t address these issues and follow the necessary real estate tips, chances are, it may turn-off the potential buyers that come to see the house for inspection. Here’s a list of buyer turn-offs that you need to avoid with some easy-to-do home improvement tips: • Clutter Clutter can be a major obstacle while selling a home. Most of us live in clutter and we get so accustomed to it that we hardly perceive anymore. Start with the closets; make sure that your closets are half-full with nothing on the floor. The same goes for bookshelves and kitchen shelves as well. Your house should showcase spaciousness when the potential buyers come to visit. If your home is a mess, it leaves a bad impression on the people visiting making them question the maintenance of the house as well. • Bad smells Nothing turns off potential buyers more than unpleasant smells and odors inside and outside your house. House-hunting may be a visual experience, but the overriding sensation of smell can literally stop the people from walking inside your house. The smell of food and pets in the house can turn-off a buyer big time. Remove all the traces of animals and not just the odor but the pet paraphernalia as well. Make sure no pets are around when the potential buyers come to visit. The same rule holds true for cigarette smells, smells for damp basements, and lingering cooking odors. • Dirt and grime Another major turn-off for home buyers is walking into a home with grimy floors, crusty kitchens counters, and dirt and dust everywhere. Before you list your house on the market, make sure it’s cleaned from top to bottom until it’s sparkling. Make an extra effort to steam-clean the tiles and replace the carpets. If the carpets are old and smelly, replace them; if they are new, make sure they are shampooed. If it seems like a daunting task that is too much for you, hire a professional cleaning service. The added expense is worth it. • Bad décor Nowadays, home buyers look for places with a certain character and charm. The personal décor that you appreciate might turn out to be a major turn-off for potential buyers. Decorate the house such that the potential buyers can imagine living in the home. So make it easier for them to do that by neutralizing the interior of the house. Any décor that might be controversial or sensitive to others, such as sports or political memorabilia, religious or military icons, should be removed before the buyers visit. Keep it neutral and upbeat. Estate agents in Noosaville can help you with all these issues and can guide you throughout the process. • Bad curb appeal Seeing a house for the first time is like going on a first date – appearance matters. The first impression that the potential buyer will form is from its curb appeal. It’s the first thing that the potential buyers notice while visiting the house. So mulch the flower beds, trim the trees, trim and edge your yard and get it in the most immaculate condition to spruce up your curb appeal. Power-wash your walkways and driveways and remove any mud dauber or bird nests from above your door. These were some basic real estate tips and improvement tips that can help you ensure that your home looks attractive and clean when the potential buyers come to visit the open house.