What Can We Expect From Noosaville Real Estate in 2020?


It wasn’t a long ago when the media was predicting a real estate Armageddon in the country but the real estate pessimists were proven wrong once again and the real estate markets all over Australia have been flourishing ever since. The turn in Australia’s real estate market has been phenomenal with the rebound in prices considerably better than expected.

Located in the suburbs of Noosa, Queensland, Australia, within the local government area of Shire of Noosa – Noosaville has been accorded elite status as one of those quality markets that provide superior growth and resists downturns. Experts have been hailing Noosaville as the hottest place in the nation to buy, sell, or invest in real estate. Noosaville real estate is one of the best opportunities for capital growth because of its liveability, affordability and future economic prospects.

Many industry experts have anointed Noosaville as one of the best real estate prospects in Australia to invest your dollar and get better returns with many claiming that there’s not going to be another location that's going to offer better investment growth in the future. The growth of Noosaville real estate is being driven by a storm of infrastructure development projects that are delivering exceptional lifestyles. Spending on infrastructure – particularly transport, hospitals, and universities – was the number one biggest factor that contributed to Noosaville real estate market’s growth. The infrastructure spending has been quite massive in Noosaville and has been a generator of economic activity and employment generation that’s ultimately driven the real estate market.

The region has been in the midst of an infrastructure boom with billions of dollars being invested in creating new facilities and upgrading the old ones. The game changers have been the newly established hospitals and the Sunshine Coast Airport becoming International sometime this year. The region is crying out for more real estate investments to cater to the needs of the increasing population. The latest figures show that the rental vacancy rate in Noosaville real estate market is below 3 percent.

The dominant economic sectors of Noosaville – tourism, construction, and retail – have now expanded into information technology, aviation, education, and the creative industry. The region is also a rising leader in manufacturing products and services that are environmentally friendly, also known as Clean Technology.

So what’s ahead?

House prices in Noosaville real estate market are expected to grow in 2020. But the combination of increased consumer sentiments, lower interest rates, and easing lending serviceability is expected to bring back more buyers into the Noosaville real estate market. With the property values rising, the sellers will return to the market increasing stock levels. Reserve Bank of Australia is hell-bent on decreasing unemployment and pushing up wages and that means it is likely that interest rates will fall further in 2020.

But the real question remains: what can you do to stay ahead in the current market trends in Noosaville real estate?

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