Land Mark Event – House Sold On Facebook

Robert James Realty are delighted to report that we've had our first 'facebook property contract and unconditional sale'.

Our team often gets asked the question 'why facebook? etc....we don't use it.....'. The fact is, thousands of people are using facebook every day ( over 1.1 billion worldwide ) and they do use it for more than 'speaking to friends' or 'sharing their belly button fluff'.... which is proved by the contract that just went unconditional.

The second point here is that we continually promise greater digital online reach that goes 'outside of the box' for our sellers with daily strategic marketing that works. We are conveying the message to our clients that a priority exposure on the digital marketing medium in tandem with traditional methods is the way to go, due to the changing habits of the buyers.

Here are a few important points for parties wanting to sell their home.

1. Buyers don't always call or visit the office of an agent. : In fact, this Melbourne buyer sent a trusted friend to the open house who liked what she saw and presented immediate interest and thoroughly researched questions on price, location and the overall market.

2. Buyers don't always call or text or email an offer to an agent : In fact, this buyer on their friends recommendation looked at the property details in our facebook real estate app, and submitted their offer through facebook.

Robert James Realty are the only agency in Noosa who employ a social media specialist to promote Noosa Real Estate to the world. They are also the only company who have integrated sales and rental listings into facebook through a specially designed APP that makes it easier for the customers to search for and share property they like.

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